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May 16, 2013

For those of you in the true heavy metal world, here’s the latest on all that is VOLTURE.¬† We fell on some rough times last year.¬† Our label went under, we came back from Europe in debt, our singer Brent Hubbard no longer wanted to tour and he parted ways amicably with the band.¬† We didn’t know what the future held for us, but VOLTURE kept on trucking and writing music without a singer.¬† Our heavy metal machine would not be stopped.

Onward we searched for the right vocalist to complete our band. Our quest would soon come to an end when we auditioned Jack Bauer. He rolled up on his chain mail-clad motorcycle and we immediately caught a good vibe from him. Jack nailed our old songs at practice, securing his position as our new vocalist. VOLTURE barreled on writing and recording new material with Jack and his voice fit the style seamlessly. As a passing of the torch, our original singer Brent came into the studio and laid some guest vocals with Jack on several of the tracks for the new album.  Fans of classic VOLTURE will not be disappointed.

Fast forward to 2013. We signed to HIGH ROLLER RECORDS and our first full-length album is due out this September. Expect a serious heavy metal attack from Jack on our upcoming LP entitled “ON THE EDGE.”

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VOLTURE will be playing our first live shows with the new lineup on the following dates w/ CAULDRON:

July 5th Richmond VA at Strange Matter
July 6th Raleigh NC at The Maywood
July 7th Wilmington NC at Reggie’s 42nd St. Tavern